Usui, Shiori

Italien, Österreich, Deutschland, Niederlande, Tschechien, Großbrittanien, USA, Japan

Shiori was born in Japan, and has worked in both radical instrumental music and motion capturing sensors. Her work is intensely humanly intimate, and many of her compositions are inspired by the theme 'using the body as a musical instrument'. She was a composer in residence for BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Cove Park from October 2010 until February 2011, and her works have been performed around the world including Italy, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, UK, Japan and USA by diverse range of soloists, ensembles and orchestras. She has been described by The Times as someone with entirely 'individual ears'. As a performer, she has premièred Hiroshima for motion capturing sensors, and performs regularly as a vocalist, producing otherworldly sound with her voice, piano-chord player, and pianist in the improvisation groups in Edinburgh and Lisbon, Portugal. She is a co-founder and secretary of the Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble.

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